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Lindzay//monster you fear

drip, drip.
insanity leaks into every minute.

Name- Lindzay
Age- 16
Location- Kent, England, UK
Relationship Status/Sexuality- Long-Term/Bisexual

Favorite band(s)- Marilyn Manson. Dope Show Inc. Within Temptation. Murderdolls. Newlydeads. Lacuna Coil. Cradle Of Filth. Rammstein. Slipknot. Opeth. A Perfect Circle. Nine Inch Nails. The Enchanted. Dimmu Borgir. Type O Negative. Nirvana. Sex Pistols. The Offspring. The Distillers. Him. Charon. Lost Prophets. Korn. Metallica. Kittie. Smashing Pumpkins. SOAD. Seether. Silverchair. Mudvayne. Coal Chamber. 36CrazyFists. ..And MANY More.
Favorite song(s)- Eye - Smashing Pumpkins. Man that you fear - Marilyn Manson. Not falling - Mudvayne... and er, loads more...
Favorite lyric- "Im not a slave to a god that doesn't exist. And Im not a slave to a world that doesn't give a shit..." ~ Marilyn Manson (The Fight Song)
Favorite tv show(s)- Most Haunted. The Osbournes. The Simpsons.

Bad Habbits? Hm, I don't really know if you can class Disorders as Bad Habbits, but I'll list them anyway. Im heavily Paranoid. Avoidant. Always Hyped. Chain-Smoker. Alcoholic. Mild Druggie. Schizophenic. Angsty. And, just generally, completely hyper, and screwed in the head. =) Wo0t! *dances*

Hobbies? Drawing. Singing. Reading. Writing prose & poetry. Making websites. Listening and Making Music. Writing in my LJ. Joining Communities. Being an individual. Having an open mind. Flirting. Making new friends. Texting.

Have you been to any shows lately? Him. Placebo. The Guests. The Enchanted. Black Friday 29. Poison Kisses. Black Rose Pattern.

Any pictures? *Looks at my avatar* Hm, that be me. The scary person =D hehe! *hugs you all*

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